About Us

Message from Chairman

The Aflao Traditional Area Development Organization (ATADO) was incorporated in February 2015 as an organization limited by guarantee under the laws of the Republic of Ghana. Its Head Office is located at House No. 26, Boundary road, East Legon, Accra.

ATADO is made up of concerned natives of Aflao who share common aspirations for the development of the Aflao land. We are worried about the pace of progress and the lack of essential facilities to guarantee good life of our people.

The founders of ATADO intend to provide the platform for effective social, economic and political engagement to facilitate effective, continuous and progressive development of the Aflao traditional area.

ATADO intends to enhance the image of Aflao through a systematic transformation of the locality into a modern community whose populace is confident to participate in the governance and the politics of the area. We wish to build a society which will survive with a minimal support from the state.

ATADO wishes to transform the Traditional Area into a respected and organized semi industrial hub of the Ketu South Municipality. ATADO aims at enabling the creation of sustainable economic engagements that will provide reliable sources of livelihoods for the natives and all who may find the area attractive, especially the youth of Aflao and for that matter, Ghana. We will do this by the transformation of the traditional economic activities such as farming, fishing and artisan entrepreneurship, as well as development of the requisite capacities for the support services.Indeed, Agriculture will be the basis of our drive to modernize the economy of the traditional area. To this end, we intend to improve the fishing and crop industries by re-organizing the farmers into co-operatives in order to improve production, attract good market and support from the local and central governments and other interested parties. The results from this will surely serve to attract investors within and outside Ghana and Africa to participate in building a vibrant local economy with the potential for immediate spill over into the Ketu South Municipality, the Southern Volta and Ghana at large.

The founders ATADO are much aware of the role of modern education in the realisation of our mission and the state of education in the Aflao Traditional Area. ATADO will therefore adopt systematic approaches and mechanisms to raise the standard of education in the traditional area, a process that will lead to production of required manpower to support our transformation agenda.

As a new organization, we appreciate the teething problems and challenges ahead of us. We equally trust in the potentials of ATADO to becoming a stronger social force in socio-economic and political development of our land and Ghana. We are aware that, we cannot handle and implement all the ideas and projects alone. We therefore expect the support from all indigenous sons and daughters of Aflao, benevolent individuals and organizations in Ghana, Togo and the international community.

We, as founders of ATADO would therefore appeal to all and sundry,especially sons and daughters of Aflao to contribute generously, the required material and financial resources towards the development and implementation of our projects for a better life in Aflao. We see better life as where the total well-being of the individual is enhanced and guaranteed.

We therefore call on all natives and lovers of Aflao in the Diaspora to seek membership of ATADO and support ATADO by contributing towards the development of Aflao. Donations and contributions in cash and kind may be channeled through PAY PAL into the organizations’ account in Ghana. The account number can be found on our website, www.aflao.org

You are hereby entreated to remain on the lookout for the date on which we will outdoor ATADO and launch this website. The date is coming very soon.

We thank you for your visit. We appreciate your presence and expect your comments on how to improve this website as the interface between you and ATADO. All comments may be sent to info@aflao.org

We hope to see you again.