ATADO being a development oriented organisation intends to tackle specific development problems and challenges and to restore hope to the natives of Aflao land, her neighbours and all who may find delight in our land. The development projects will be conceptualised with due recognition for our Strength, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats.

These projects shall be contained in our 5-Year Strategic Plan and shall cover the following sectors
AGRICULTURE—ATADO intends to rely mainly on cash crops to generate revenue for the Organization and to serve as job opening for the youth. Our concentration would be on vegetables for export to the International markets and for home consumption.
The organization will revamp the fishing industry by providing modern equipment for fishing and for fish processing. The numerous water bodies would provide the necessary environment for fish farming.

WATER AND SANITATION. Portable water will be provided to villages of the Traditional Area by digging of bore holes to augment the existing hand dug well. Villages will be educated on sanitation and its benefits.

EDUCATION. Education in the Traditional area lags behind the rest of the Region. There is the need therefore to improve the infrastructure of existing schools and provide incentives to teachers to bring out the best in them. Girl child education will be one of our priority areas of concentration. Parents will be encouraged to release their daughters for education.

ENERGY AND POWER. Power will be extended to all areas of the Traditional Area not on the grid for lighting and for cottage industries to keep the youth in the villages.

INFRASTRUTURE. Roads and tracks to villages will be improved to the standard of Feeder Roads for agric produce to be easily transported to the towns of the traditional area.

EMPOWERMENT. The youth in the Traditional Area will be assisted and introduced to income generating activities such as farming for their livelihood in order to divert their attention from negative activities.

In our determination to tackle the challenges in the listed sectors, the problems will be effectively defined and analysed with adequate consultation with relevant stakeholders including the Ketu Municipal Assembly and its lower structures, the Aflao Traditional Council and any corporate body, individual or members of the international community who may be interested in any the projects. The consultations shall lead to development of appropriate project objectives, strategies as well as robust Monitoring and Evaluation mechanisms for maximum success.

ATADO shall be most concerned to ensuring that, the development we pursue shall be “inclusive”. In this regard, we shall be eager to identify and mitigate any adverse effects that our actions and inactions may present to direct and indirect beneficiaries. Indeed, we will design and implement programmes and projects that are politically and socially acceptable, environmentally sustainable, and economically efficient for social gains and financially sustainable.

By the foregoing we are appealing to all existing and future stakeholders who are willing and may be interested in contributing to the resolution of development challenges in Aflao and her neighbours. We assure all donors that adequate recognition shall be accorded to each and every donor, no matter how small or low his or her contribution may seem.

While we work on the strategic and annual action plans towards the realisation of our development goals, we would expect that, you may visit this site as frequently as possible in order to track our progress of work and presentation of any donation you may have to us.

We wish you well, thank you for your visit.